A Project We’re Proud Of: Our “Hello” Promo



To catch people’s attention, you have to find unique ways to get all up in some grills. We feel like our recent promo was a good example of that. The alternative would’ve been to send a blind introductory email that would:

a) fall directly into junk folders

b) possibly garner a click, then boredom, then deletion

c) be immediately deleted due to unfamiliarity—or fear of cobras

d) all of the above

OR, you could purchase a bunch of Pop Phones, incorporate some Lionel Richie, shred up the yellow pages judiciously, and arrange it all within a perfectly sized box. We chose this option. And we dropped them off personally, because that’s just how we roll.

With promotional pieces—ours or our clients’—the goal is always to make a memorable impression. Sometimes doing so takes a guerrilla-ish approach, but one that isn’t too obnoxious or intrusive. We’re happy to say we’ve already made a few new friends from our effort, and only time will tell what that blossoms into. But the biggest lesson from this post is pretty simple: always incorporate Lionel Richie when you can. Always.

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