A Project We’re Proud Of: The Trinity Partners Identity Booklet



Though we had worked with Trinity Partners on promotional pieces in the past, this client-described “impression piece” represented a different challenge altogether. Rather than finding a way to cleverly prod existing partners, this project involved creating a piece to entice new ones.

Trinity’s numerous service lines and multifaceted capabilities meant rolling up our sleeves to delve as deeply as possible into how a piece like this would ultimately be used. Their Investment Property Sales unit, for example, would probably use it differently than the Project Leasing team would. Focus groups with key Trinity teammates allowed us to glean that the piece needed to be used in a variety of different ways, ranging from a leave-behind after a client pitch to a mail-able introduction to send out to brand-new prospects.

Simply from a design perspective, one of the main mandates was to ensure that the piece complemented Trinity’s excellent website. Since we feel their website doesn’t evoke the standard-issue real estate website, we couldn’t have been more thrilled with that directive. In turn, we expressed our desire to avoid creating the standard-issue real estate brochure; you know, one with endless photos of buildings and handshakes over conference tables.

In the end, the piece came together perfectly—and beautifully, if we do say so ourselves. The debossed logo on the cover, along with the interior pattern based on the company’s first (and somewhat deposed) logo, give the piece a luxe feel. Straightforward headlines grant skimmers and scanners with a quick understanding of the company’s ethos, history and competence, while the shorter bursts of copy provide additional details to dedicated readers. “Service inserts” fit neatly into the back pocket, and briefly explain all nine of Trinity’s service lines—or just the ones that are pertinent to the prospect can be included.

Size, of course, matters here, too. We felt going smaller not only lent the piece to unique mailing options (hence, the customized and sleek grey envelopes), but also made it more likely that those Trinity clients would hold onto them. While this was another overall effort in minimalism, what we love most about the piece is that it doesn’t scream REAL ESTATE BROCHURE! in any way. It truly makes an impression—which, of course, was the whole point all along.

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