BofA Plaza Campaign and Showroom Project





If you’re a Charlottean, you know Bank of America Plaza. Maybe you recognize the “Il Grande Disco,” maybe you’ve snarfed down a hot dog while taking in the bronze statues of Commerce, Industry, and Transportation that stand on the street corners of Independence Square, or, maybe, if you’re a true old-timer, you know what the saying If you can’t trade on Tryon, try on Trade” means.

The BofA Plaza was completed in 1974. At the time it was the tallest building in the Tar Heel State, and it remained that way for 13 years until One Wells Fargo Center was erected in what was the start of the back-and-forth battle of the uptown bank buildings. The challenge, offered to us by Trinity Partners, was how to reintroduce this Charlotte real estate stalwart to potential tenants. Really, this meant rebranding the building to reset expectations.

The building’s built-in advantage is its killer location, which had led the way in past campaigns. With key building renovations planned for the near future, BofA Plaza was ripe for a renaissance; concepting produced an optimistic “Going Up?” tagline that was paired with the elevator button mark, a simple but universal symbol of upward mobility for the types of executive tenants that grind out their 9 to 5 in towers like this one.

Once the ads were created, a taller task awaited: turning the empty and dusty 28th floor of BofA Plaza into an inviting showroom. Today once-blank walls hold inspirational copy, while IKEA-hacked tables house custom-wrapped Moleskines for potential tenants to take away, as well as a rendering booklet for them to to flip through. Smaller touches include decorative “Going Up?” arrows on the columns and amenity markings on the windows.

Over one long Saturday, with the help of the venerable Fred Vinyl and Team Trinity, the space was transformed. The goal from the get-go was to create a cohesive campaign that dovetailed seamlessly with the showroom. We’re pretty proud of how it all turned out. Buy you could probably figure that out for yourself.


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