The creation of Field Day happened organically between two long-time friends. While we certainly acknowledge that saying something “happened organically” is terribly cliché—and that really, when you think about it, almost everything happens organically—we promise that this application of the phrase rings truer than most. After separately doing the freelance dance for years, we started working together on imaginative pet projects that evolved to include local client work. All of a sudden we were forced to do obscenely uncreative things like visit a tax advisor, contact the state for paperwork and create spreadsheets.

Of course, from this fog of administrative minutiae rose Field Day, a creative company formed in 2012 just as the world was predicted to end. While at Field Day we don’t really care for labels or titles, if you need particulars Susan Walker has experience as a graphic designer, and Patrick Saleeby as a copywriter. Honestly, we’re a team, partners through and through, and from initial concept to project completion we strive toward one goal: to create an unforgettable and uniquely personal experience for our clients.