Snap + Clap: Songs Over Seven Minutes Long



Longer songs often get short shrift. Maybe that’s because we’re programmed by the Internet to have short attention spans, or because some of us grew up listening to short bursts of ear candy on the (ahem) radio. No matter the reason, we’ve pulled together some tracks that are going to take a little bit of a commitment from you. We hope you’ll find them more rewarding, what with all of their twists and turns. Many of the artists in this playlist simply refuse to follow traditional song structures.

That’s a somewhat highfalutin reason for the creation of this playlist. The true reason? Songs Over Seven Minutes Long was just a random idea, with no real motivation to make a statement about the music industry. These are just tracks we like, and they happen to be on the longish side. While we’ve stretched all the way back to 1996, most of these hail from the new millennium.

All you need to do is press play. At just under two hours long, we’ve got a least a quarter of your workday covered.

Disclaimer: if you’re hanging out at the crib with the kids nearby, or going sans Beats by Dre in the workplace, we are not responsible for potential bursts of profanity. Mind you, we’re not outwardly trying to find songs that use profanity. We’re just not censoring the ones that do, mostly because that would take a lot more time and energy. Plus, we feel profanity is just a part of life. Anyway: you’ve been warned.


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