The Best: “Date Night” Spot


Maybe this spot only elicits a laugh if you’re half-blind (or used to be). Well, Suzie Q is. She clocks in at -10, which honestly calls into question how she has such a keen design eye. Perhaps it’s due to mystical powers beyond all of our mortal comprehension.

SQ still lives and dies by contacts. The Clapping Cobra used to, until the venerable Dr. Christenbury lasered him, roughly seven years ago, vaulting him to 20/20 town. But if you’ve ever worn contacts, then the horror of the poor gal’s predicament in this 1-800-CONTACTS is all too real.

You might recall that back in the day the CC sported some of the same “Hey I’m a bank teller from 1987” glasses. But we digress. The bottom line? 1-800-CONTACT’s “Date Night” spot is just the best.

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